Bienvenue à MalaikaScool !

  1. Malaika School is committed to developing and maintaining a high academic standard.
  2. The aims and objectives of the Cambridge Curriculum will be strictly adhered to so that students’ knowledge and understanding of all areas progresses in a comparable way to that of other schools.
  3. The curriculum will be complemented by accredited international literacy and numeracy programs, which encourage the problem solving and critical thinking skills essential for developing leaders.
  4. The curriculum will consist of units of work, which have been prepared after much thought and prayer in order to develop concepts as they relate to the character of God and His purpose for our lives.
  5. In order to maintain a high academic standard all classes in Malaika School are limited to 25 students. This maximizes the time teachers can spend with each child enabling them to differentiate learning as they recognize and nurture each child’s individual talents.
  6. Teachers will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies based on Biblical principles including not just traditional methods, but those encouraging active participation and development of cognitive skills.
  7. The aims and objectives in the planning process will include
    1. Values and attitudes (recognizing the nature and character within the topic)
    2. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills related to the topic area
    3. Knowledge related to the particular topic area
    4. Understanding of the topic area and the processes within it
    5. Wisdom in how to respond to the revelation God gives in these areas
  8. Parents and students can check academic progress using Academic Bridge.
  9. Students must take proper care of all textbooks and school property. Students are responsible for their books and will be charged replacement fees if the book is damaged or lost.
  10. Hand in homework on time


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